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See how hundreds of students are improving their mental and emotional health with these self-care courses

Worcestershire's #1 mental and emotional health fitness academy 

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  • Very few services around the world offer a live chat feature in your emails. Communicate with your tutor when they are online.

  • Proven Psychological Techniques

  • Proven techniques from psychological methodologies - CBT, Human Givens, EFT and many more, to help you enjoy learning.

  • Lessons that Last

  • Learn a different way to improve anxiety, anger, addictions and relationships, heal trauma and depression and deal with loss and bereavement.

    Courses Based On Your Interests

    We look at the body, mind and emotions - as well as the spiritual outlook too. You can learn about exercise, diet and weight loss, keeping your body and mind fit while focusing on attitudes and behaviours.  Relearn, adapt and rebuild the life you want.  Our courses are going to cover it all.

    About Windmills Healing Academy

    Kaye Bewley

    Hello there, I am Kaye Bewley, creator of Windmills Healing Academy (WHA). This Academy offers you free and paid-for classes for learning how to heal yourself.

    WHA is not a traditional academy, nor will there be any degrees or certificates offered here. The goal of the Academy is to help you learn important skills to create a life without pain. 

    With decades of business, welfare and psychological experience under my belt, I have created easy-to-follow classes based on the strategies that have helped my clients go from pain to pleasure - easing their anxiety, depression, trauma and relationship issues.

    Sign up for one of our free classes available first, to see what it's all about. While we are busy working on presenting you with more courses, you can learn at your own pace, join the Live online discussions and also get help each step of the way.

    Check out the Courses that are planned for you!


    • Building self-confidence and self-esteem

    • How to control your anxiety and conquer your depression

    • Exploring how to create an environment for better relationships with your family, friends and colleagues

    • Clearing your fears and calming your emotions by understanding how to relieve your stress.

    • Clarifying your goals with ToDo Lists that work

    But that's not all! All these courses include continually updated information. They will show you how to train your brain, improve your memory, help you ease up on those addictions (or stop them completely), get a better night's sleep.  

    When you take on a course from the Windmills Healing Academy, you'll be getting just that - healing!  

    These courses will take you through more than just the immediate problems you are dealing with, if you stick with them, you'll find yourself changing your attitude, outlook and point of view so that you find yourself living a better life. You'll learn new skills in communication styles, how relationships work and how to make the most of the opportunities that are available to you - so that you don't look back on your life with regrets.  You'll be able to seize the opportunities with confidence and self-assurance, unimpeded by those emotional highs and lows that have been hounding you as far back as you can remember.

    Join our Membership platform, and start learning to live a more productive - and enjoyable - life today!  

    Learn the way that best suits you

    We know everybody learns in a different way - that's why we want to help you

    Online membership platform

    When you enrol in any of our courses, you'll become part of our online membership which, depending on the level of commitment you wish to make enables you to access a variety of courses relevant to you.

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    Workbooks. Planners. Journals.

    Your course has plenty of information to help you get started on your healing journey.  Each is presented in downloadable workbooks, planners and journals. Some courses have even got video and audio so you can listen, rather than read.  We promise you won't be stuck for ways to access them as we've made them available in lots of different formats.

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    Facebook Community

    So you won't feel isolated on your healing journey, you are welcome to join other members of our Facebook community. Access to the Private group will be granted once you join our membership programme.  For now, you are welcome to join us on our public FB page for inspirational content.

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    How do our courses work?

    It doesn’t matter your level of experience you're at. Whether you have had counselling before, or new to it.

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Learn at your own pace in your own time. Whatever suits you.

  • Content available 24/7

  • Access our courses whenever you wish, whatever time of the day you want and wherever you are located. Just log in and learn. 

  • Learn from the best

  • Kaye Bewley MA is a clinical psychotherapist. With these courses, you get the best of her skills, knowledge and over 20 years of psychotherapeutic experience.

    Academy for Training in Your Healing Journey - Operating under the umbrella of BewleyTherapy.com


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